These are the best paints for your bathroom

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Bathrooms tend to be humid and the walls are often subject to regular splattering, both of which are not all that great for regular paints. Nevertheless, you can still paint your bathroom. Let's have a look at which paints are appropriate to use.

Which paint should you use?

Well, that depends mostly on how well your bathroom is ventilated. You can check to which extent your bathroom allows humidity to escape, by simply looking at your mirrors after showering. Do they have condensation on them? Then, we recommend only using wall paint especially suited for bathrooms, water-based lacquers or façade paint. A cleanable paint such as Sigma Pearl Clean Matt or an antifungal paint like Sigmaresist Fungi Matt are also great choices. 

Is your bathroom well-ventilated or rather large? Then a regular wall paint will probably do just fine.

Beware for extra matte paints, though. Those tend to show striping through condensation. Satin gloss or velvety matte paints have a higher resistance against humidity. 

Should you apply wallpaper first?

Whether you wish to have wallpaper in your bathroom or not, is entirely up to you. It is a good idea, however, to apply wallpaper when the plastering on your walls is a bit flawed. When you'll be painting your bathroom for the first time and your walls haven't been covered with wallpaper, it's best to apply primer first. Both wallpaper and primer prevent small cracks in in the wall, and therefore in the paint layer as well.

How to paint your bathroom, step by step

Where do you start? Let's walk you through it three steps.

  1. Start by cleaning your wall and repairing any damages if necessary. Sand the wall and remove the sanding dust. A thorougly prepared surface is imperative for the paint to adhere properly. 
  2. Apply one coat of primer. If the bathroom has already been painted before, you can skip this step. 
  3. Finish by applying two coats of wall paint or water-based lacquer.

And that's it!


Will you be painting your bathroom? Feel free to share the result with us!

Do you still have any questions? Our customer service will be happy to advise you. 

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