Berdy Berdy Clearline - Degreaser
Berdy Clearline - Degreaser €4,95

Berdy Clearline - Degreaser

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Berdy Clearline - Degreaser

Concentrated product, ideal for preparing painting and pasting work. Product without perfume, ideal replacement for ammonia.


Berdy Clearline effortlessly removes all dirt such as nicotine, old soap and wax layers, shoe marks, soot, grease, atmospheric deposits, radiator and heater dirt, even, etc.

Berdy Clearline can also be used in the everyday household, or in (institutional) industrial kitchens, where a milder cleaner does not work.

Attention !! Never let loose dirt dry again.

Main features

  • Is used on all types of washable surfaces such as floors, plastics, sealed wood, glass, enamel, polyester, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  • Has a very penetrating depth effect, so that really old and accumulated dirt in all its types is loosened by simple washing up
  • Replaces the usually irritating ammonia, which can be very annoying with long-term use, and even causes watery eyes and mucus formation in the respiratory tract for sensitive people
  • Is absolutely odorless (product-specific odor) and low foaming, so pleasant to use for most professionals
  • Is extra highly concentrated, and therefore economical to use, a dosage of 1 to 5% = (1/2 cup) per bucket of (warm) water is more than enough to remove the most gruesome contamination
  • When used on walls always use from bottom to top to avoid run-offs and have a better view of the progress of your work
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