Toupret Toupret Granirex - Powder
Toupret Granirex - Powder €20,10

Toupret Granirex - Powder

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Toupret Granirex - Powder

Renovation filler powder for manual outdoor applications. Enriched with short fibers for better adhesion and increased resistance.
Also granulated to mimic the structure of cement.


GRANIREX® is applied to untreated or painted but absorbent surfaces, dry or damp, but not dripping.

  • Concrete, aerated concrete
  • Mortars and cement fillers
  • Concrete blocks
  • Brick
  • Stone

Main features

  • Fiber-reinforced and rub-on to a grain structure
  • 3 FINISHING LEVELS: rough, tight and grained
  • ADHESION: on untreated and absorbent painted surfaces dry or damp
  • RUBBABLE to a granulated structure: rubbable between 45 minutes and 3 hours
  • Pleasantly processable
  • PROGRESSIVE CURING for 2 hours


All common exterior paints: thin-layer, semi-thick and thick-layer organic paints and waterproofing systems.

Use: Flatten, fill and repair
Setting: Outdoor
Consistency: Powder
Max. thickness: Unlimited
Mixing ratio: 17% of water for filling and repairing (or 3,4 L of water for 20 kg of powder)
20% of water for flattening (or 4 L of water for 20 kg)
Processing time: 2 hours, progressive binding
Recoverable: At least 24 - 48 hours
Color: Grey
Toupret Toupret Granirex - Powder
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