Toupret Toupret Humiblock - Powder
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Toupret Humiblock - Powder

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Toupret Humiblock - Powder

Filler for the treatment of moisture problems inside and outside.


HUMI-BLOCK can be applied on all mineral surfaces, dry or damp, but non-seeping, inside and outside:

  • Cement, concrete
  • Concrete blocks, brick, stone

The surfaces to be treated must be stripped of all finishes and exposed to the pure mineral basis.

Main features

  • Only on mineral surfaces
  • Ideal for cellars, creep cellars, undersides of facades
  • Can be applied locally up to 1 cm


After complete drying, HUMI-BLOCK can be finished with all common breathable paints and breathable paint systems (filler + paint) in order to retain its breathable effect and to allow vapor pressure control (at least classification V2 according to standard NF EN 1062-1). Any closed finish or glued covering is excluded.

Use: Putty of substrates affected by moisture
Setting: Indoor and outdoor
Consistency: Powder
Max. thickness: Flattening: at least 2 mm to 5 mm
Filling: up to 1 cm locally
Mixing ratio: For use with block brush: 27% water (or 0.27 l of water per 1 kg of powder)
For use with the flat trowel: 22% water (or 0.22 l of water for 1 kg of powder)
Processing time: 3 to 4 hours at 20 ° C depending on its preparation
Recoverable: 24 hours
Color: Off-white
Toupret Toupret Humiblock - Powder
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