Searching for Sigma Coatings colours (PPG)

How to find the perfect Sigma Colour

Are you looking for a Sigma colour and you don't have the right colour fan or colour chart at hand? All Sigma colours can now be viewed online with the online Sigma Colour Viewer 3.0. It's actually really fun :) Choose a picture of a room, pick a few nice colours from a very large number of colours and try them out online in the selected room. After that, you can write down the colour code of your favourite colour and order your Sigma paint in the preferred colour with us. Do you prefer to enter the name of the colour? That is possible too! As long as we can clearly see which colour you want, it will be fine. 



Do you prefer a simpler overview? Then you can use the tool below to find the perfect colour. You can look up the Sigma colours in different ways. View the colours by colour group, grouped by colour intensity or by the well-known Sigma colour collections.



important: Colours on the screen may differ from the real colours. It is therefore always recommended to consult a colour fan, such as the Sigma Voice of Colour colour fan, which you can find at deverfwebshop of course:


Found it! 

Yay! You found the colour of your dreams! Or so you think. Because no matter how wonderful, fantastic and unique the colour is, you are not quite sure how it will look on your wall, ceiling, or door. Or yet another dilemma: there is more than one colour of dreams and you can't choose until you have seen what all of these look like in your interior. Thankfully, we have mini cans of paint for that, with which you can test the colour(s) you have chosen at home. 

Do you still have some questions? Or would you like personal colour advice? Get in touch with us!