Trimetal Trimetal Permacryl Satin White
Trimetal Permacryl Satin White €24,45

Trimetal Permacryl Satin White

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Trimetal Permacryl Satin White

Permacryl Satin attaches excellent on different prepared surfaces like hard PVC, polyester, ceramics, galvanized steel, aluminum, cement fiber materials, concrete, wood and derivatives, old paint, ... It dries very quickly and is rainsolid after 1 hour, which makes 2 layers a day possible. It is odorless which means a quick use of rooms. Applicated outside, it forms a steam permeable silk shiny coating with moisture-regulating effect. It is gloss solid en not yellowing, covers the sharp edges perfectly en is easy in maintenance. Permacryl Satin, with proper preparations, is a versatile finishing on most of the building materials.


  • Aspect: Satin
  • Color: White
  • Add color: Via the Trimetal color mixing system
  • Density: At 20°C 1,35 ± 0,05
Surrounding: Indoor and outdoor
Coverage : 10
Gloss level: Prepared surfaces, common building materials
Drying times: Acrylic resins in water dispersion
Trimetal Trimetal Permacryl Satin White
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